About Us

Zev World LLC makes variety of suits to suite the specific purpose that its clients require the suit. We at Zev World focus on customer service. If there is any issue, we are quick to respond and help our customers out. We focus on picking out the perfect suit for our clients.
As of right now we only cash please keep this in mind when shopping at our stores.
Our suits fit because of the quality of the fabric used in making the best suits of our variety of customers whether fat, thin, dark or light in complexion. We use the perfect colours that suite our customers and make our customers easily noticed in business, ceremonial outings with numerous complements.
Generally, our suits are made of first-class fabrics, well designed, affordable and without compromise in the entire process of our suit making.


At Zev World LLC, it is our dream and belief that men all other the world deserves quality clothes. Hence, we import and export quality men clothes to any part of the world. This is to further give our well-designed suits made without any form of compromise, a complete look for the absolute satisfaction of our customers all over the world.

We offer a carefully curated edit of the world’s most coveted designers across our store. We are renowned for unparalleled customer service, exclusivity and its pioneering spirit.

We cover key fashion needs, from trendy clothing to footwear and accessories. From the season’s must-haves to essential items, everyone need to meet a perfect match.

You can get weighed down by choosing a style. It can slow you down and narrow your view. But it doesn’t need to be that way. We are here to make your life easier, smarter and more seamless and getting the best of style that suit your personality. With what may appear to be an endless variety of choices, shopping can become a daunting shopping experience for some. If you’re the type who knows her rocks and studs, you’ve got it easy, but if you’re one of those shoppers looking for fashion tips and are clueless about what to buy and wear, do not stress. Whether you’re in need of the perfect clothing; just simply on the lookout for a fine piece of that will suit your style, taste, and budget; we’ve got you covered. No matter your needs, our fashion experts are here for you.